When setting the prices we looked at what certified translators charge and adjusted it to the cost of living in the Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia. Online deliveries in digital format (PDF) and pick-ups at our address are free of additional cost. If you want stamped, sealed and wet-signed original copies of a certified translation to be mailed to you, then there will be a surcharge for postage. If you reside in Canada, sales tax will be added to the total amount (HST/GST/PST). If you order from outside Canada and you are not a Canadian resident, then you do not pay any sales tax.


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    There is a very little amount of text on my document, can’t you make a discount?

    Every document we receive goes through project management, desktop publishing (PDF or JPEG files are converted into editable Word documents), translation by a translator, editing by a second translator, final proofreading by a third (certified) translator and file preparation before delivery, including sealing, stamping, signing, stapling, and if applicable, scanning and submission of documents. No matter how little text your document has, these stages are required.

    That is why when you have a single page to translate, we have to charge a minimum fee.

    If you have multiple pages, then we can apply a discount to pages with little content.

    Please contact us to get a special estimate.

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    Is the price I get from the Translation Cost Calculator final?

    Translation Cost Calculator automatically calculates the volume discounts we apply, taxes based on your residence and postage fees if you want mail delivery of your translated documents. It cannot see into your documents and adjust the rate accordingly.

    If you have highly repetitive pages, such as a tax certificate with only a few numbers changing between pages, then we can apply the full rate to the first page and discount the subsequent repeated pages. The discount percentage will depend on page content and repetitions.

    Please contact us to get a special estimate.

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    How much do you charge for postage?

    For shipments within Canada, we use Canada Post XpresspostTM. Up to 10 pages, we charge $35 for shipments within Canada. For orders over 10 pages, the postage may cost $45 and up. Postage fees include HST.

    For shipments outside of Canada, the courier fees will vary greatly depending on where you live. It might be somewhere around $75 to $150. We will tell you exactly how much before we start working on your documents.

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    Which payment methods do you accept?

    For Canadian clients, our preferred payment method is Interac e-transfers. If you are outside of Canada, our preferred payment method is international wire transfer (SWIFT).

    With that said, you do not have to choose what we prefer. These methods cost us the least money, that is why we prefer them! But your convenience is more important. You can simply pay via credit card at the end of the Translation Cost Calculator. We use Stripe’s infrastructure for processing credit card payments on the website.

    If you received a special estimate, then you will receive an invoice from Wave. And you can securely pay via credit card or bank transfer using Wave’s infrastructure.

Certified Translation Unit Rates

  • BRONZE OFFER Up to 10 pages
  • $50*
  • *Cost per page
  • Discount for repetitive pages
  • Urgent delivery surcharge
  • Postage not included
  • HST not included
  • SILVER OFFER 11th to 20th pages
  • $40*
  • *Cost per page
  • Discount for repetitive pages
  • Urgent delivery surcharge
  • Postage not included
  • HST not included
  • GOLD OFFER 21st page and up
  • $35*
  • *Cost per page
  • Discount for repetitive pages
  • Urgent delivery surcharge
  • Postage not included
  • HST not included

Have questions?

If you are curious about something, do not hesitate to ask us. We strive to answer your questions as fast as possible. You will hear from us within two business days.

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